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MICHAEL LIIKALA: CEO and Managing Partner

Michael Liikala is CEO and Managing Partner of Solutions International, a prominent infrastructure, energy, and technology-focused firm. Under Mr. Liikala's visionary leadership, Solutions International has successfully delivered over $8 billion in infrastructure and Public-Private Partnership (P3) projects. With a strong background in senior U.S. Government positions spanning over 25 years, Mr. Liikala brings a wealth of experience to his role. During his tenure as Senior Commercial Officer (SCO) at the U.S. Embassy in Spain, he played a pivotal role in facilitating the market entry and expansion of numerous U.S. firms, including major companies such as Boeing, General Electric (GE), General Dynamics, and Cisco Systems. His efforts were instrumental in establishing their strong presence and operational success in Spain. Mr. Liikala also played a key role in bringing the Spanish firm ACS into the U.S. market, where they have become one of the largest construction companies.


Prior to his time in Madrid, Mr. Liikala served as SCO in Buenos Aires, where he achieved remarkable success in commercial diplomacy. His notable achievements include opening the market for over 350 U.S. firms, serving as acting Ambassador, and playing a crucial role in helping a U.S. firm secure the concession for the privatization of all 33 airports in Argentina—the largest privatization of its kind in history.


In the United States, Mr. Liikala held various pivotal roles within the government, including Western Regional Director for the U.S. Department of Commerce and Chief of Staff for the Under Secretary of Commerce. His responsibilities encompassed managing a 700 person organization responsible for U.S. Trade Laws and complex U.S. Export Control Regulations. Notably, Mr. Liikala served as Director of International Strategic Alliances for the U.S. Commercial Service and provided valuable advice to the Schwarzenegger Administration in California. Furthermore, he has contributed his expertise to the U.S. Treasury Department and the United States Senate Banking Committee.


Today, Solutions International works with select Fortune 500 and emerging firms, especially those firms providing innovative energy, infrastructure, and carbon reduction solutions. SI builds custom advisory teams and tailored strategies, leveraging Mr. Liikala's extensive network to facilitate unparalleled success for our clients. 


Mr. Liikala holds a Masters Degree in International Law/Economics from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and a Masters Degree in Finance and Public Administration from U.S.C. (University of Southern California.) Widely recognized for his expertise, Mr. Liikala is a respected speaker and has shared his insights at prestigious institutions, including Harvard Business School and Stanford School of Engineering. His expertise has also been featured in renowned business media outlets like the Wall Street Journal.

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