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Solutions International

Solutions International founded nearly 20 years ago is a recognized world leader in helping firms participate in some of the largest and most complex public infrastructure projects in the world. 

Our mission is clear: to assist firms deliver their skills and technological solutions into projects that address the challenges faced by public entity decision makers in their pursuit of sustainable infrastructure development and low carbon mandates.

With a deep understanding of the complexities involved, we serve as the catalyst that brings together financial innovation, government agencies and innovative companies. Through strategic partnerships, we facilitate the identification, evaluation, and delivery of cutting-edge  technologies and sustainable practices. Our expert team works tirelessly to match the unique needs of government entities with the right companies, ensuring a harmonious synergy that drives projects.

Our approach goes beyond consulting and mere matchmaking. We engage in comprehensive research, analyzing industry trends and emerging methods and technologies to help firms of all sizes participate in innovative projects. This enables us to provide public and private sector leadership with up-to-date insights and expert advice, empowering decision makers to make informed project choices for a cleaner and greener tomorrow.

Our dedicated team of professionals can help companies of all sizes develop robust strategies, access funding opportunities, and collaborate with public entities leaders and decision makers. Together, we forge a path towards sustainable development, where economic growth and environmental stewardship go hand in hand.

Join us on this transformative journey as we unlock the potential of clean technologies, drive innovation, and build a brighter, more sustainable future for generations to come. 

Our Services

Each scope of services is carefully customized to the client's needs and goals. Generally, Solutions International provides services in the following areas:

  1. Market Strategy Development

  2. Business Development Services

  3. Teaming and Strategic Partnership Services

  4. Government Relations Strategy and Agency Procurement Advising

  5. Energy Transition Advising

  6. Financing and Funding Advising
Our Approach 

Client Partnership

SI prides itself on true partnerships with its clients. We want to succeed when you do with our fees tied to progress and project success. We often take "skin in the game" to ensure the majority of our rewards  only come when you succeed.

Project PiPELINE

Get out in front of RFPs and project formation. Work with stakeholders ahead of time to know what opportunities exist and develop solutions with clients to address them.

Project Delivery

Develop solutions and accelerate project delivery via regulatory, financial, and technical innovation. Capture project opportunities across project life from Design through O&M.

Our Results
HSR 3.png

$100M+ Market Entry for International Engineering Services Firm

SI developed a customized market entry plan and executed delivering the first Prime contract for a major firm with a large transportation agency, eventually exceeding over $100M in value.

Image by Robin Pierre

Energy Technology Inception to Commercialization

SI worked with a leading deep tech firm helping advise on product development and commercialization strategies. This work resulted in major international commercial partnerships with leaders in various sectors including mobility, utilities, and energy infrastructure project finance and investment firms.


$5B LAX Airport P3  Financed Project

SI worked with the project team delivering an innovative project finance structure including equity and $1.5B in financing. SI also advised on developing the market strategy, teaming, and procurement strategy to secure this project for a major consortium.

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