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Solutions International

Delivering Innovations in Infrastructure


Solutions International is a recognized world leader in securing projects for select Fortune 500 and emerging firms, especially those firms providing innovative energy, infrastructure, and carbon reduction solutions.

With an impressive track record of over $8 billion in client success, we specialize in bridging the gap between the private and public sectors. Our expertise enables us to develop comprehensive solutions for projects of all scales, from monumental to intricate, across multiple sectors.

For clients, Solutions International:

  1. Streamlines Business Development and Project Execution

  2. Develops Strategies for Successful Project Pursuits

  3. Drives Results by customized project and technology strategies
  4. Accelerates Time to Market and Project Delivery Time

  5. Develops Financing and Funding Strategies for Projects and Companies

Our clients include the world's best and largest in their respective fields including Energy, Transportation, Technology, Construction, Engineering, Design, Project Finance, and Project Operations. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to innovative niche businesses. 






More than

$8 Billion in Client Success


Solutions International works with clients to build a custom strategy fpr each market and project. SI brings  a team of advisers as well as market experts for each client strategy. These experts are selected based on over 40 years of global experience working with private and public sector leaders.

With a presence in Spain, California, Miami and Washington D.C. we have the ability to access key markets and decision makers and provide the latest market and regulatory intelligence. 

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